Don't Give Up, Try Another Route

Isaiah 55:8

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.

I was out walking recently and found myself exploring a new path. The path brought me close to the foot of a large hill. I probably would have ascended the hill a little only for the fact that my path was now completely blocked. There was a large fence in front of me. On the other side of the fence there was a busy road with vehicles moving at high speed. If I wanted to progress from my current position, climbing the fence would likely have caused me injury. Negotiating the traffic over the fence presented another risky scenario. To progress up the hill a new route was required.

Don't give up on the dream that God has given to you. Don't give up on trying to reach the fulfilment of the vision he has put within you. If you find yourself in a place where things seem to have ground to a halt, there is an alternative response to giving up.

Don't try to conquer the obstacles in front of you; it is possible that this will only bring you hurt and difficulty. Instead, it is time to stop ploughing on ahead, and it is time to pause and ask God to guide your steps. He has a route for you to take that is without the hurt and difficulty that can arise from pursuing a pathway carved out purely by your own calculating and planning.

This might not be what we initially want, especially when we think that the fulfilment of the vision is only over the fence! Patience and faith is required to allow God to lead you on the route that has been born in His mind, that is ultimately for our own good. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit at this stage is crucial. The thoughts of God and the ways of God are not naturally our thoughts and our ways; but sensitivity to the Spirit will allow His mind to be known, and will ultimately enable His ways to become ours. This is the path of peace that places us on the route of fulfilled destiny.


Do I tend to tumble headlong into difficulty and hurt when trying to move on in God? Do I need to pause and listen to the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit?


Holy Spirit I open up my heart to you. Speak and I will listen. Reveal the next steps that I should take unto me. I will obey your leading.

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