God Is Good

Updated: Mar 10

Psalm 73:1

Truly God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart. But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled, my steps had nearly slipped.

Have you ever been in the place where the reality of your current experience doesn't seem to match up to what you believe? Psalm 73, written by Asaph, demonstrates that you are not alone in this quandary.

Asaph begins this Psalm with a bold statement of belief about the goodness of God. He then immediately follows it up by saying that it doesn't seem to be working for him in practical reality!

What's the answer? How is this to be worked out? Thankfully, Asaph found a solution. After he pours out his complaint in the first half of this Psalm, he then records his epiphany moment, in verse 17; '..until I went in to the sanctuary of God..'

It is in the sanctuary of God that understanding, discernment and direction can be obtained. The reason for this is because it is here that we experience the presence of God. This place is designed to put our focus upon Him. This place is designed to lift us from carnal thinking into spiritual thinking and into renewed heavenly approach regarding the circumstances of our lives.

Let's take this a little further. 1 Corinthians 6:19 reveals to us that our bodies are a sanctuary for His presence. With this understanding, we should live with the awareness that He is near; He is not distant. He is available to be experienced and known. When we face issues of perplexity we should invest our efforts in to worshipping Him; drawing near to Him; acknowledging Him; and, therefore, in the place of His presence, we find the solutions for how we are to approach life.


Have I been living in perplexity, trying to work things out, but to no avail? Have I neglected the simple answer of worshipping Him to access and acknowledge His presence in my life?


Father, thank you, that your Holy Spirit lives within me. Today, I need your presence. Today, I need to walk in the awareness of your nearness. This means more to me that working out the things that trouble me. If I can be in Your presence, I know I'll find the way ahead. I worship you, and I acknowledge that you are Lord, and I acknowledge that you are good.

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