Humble Yourself Under His Mighty Hand

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time

In 1Peter chapter 5, the elders are instructed by Peter, then also, those who are younger receive his instruction. He then addresses them both; and instructs them in humility, might, exaltation, and timing with this one statement in our reading today.

’Humble yourselves’; this is a good idea! How much better it is to humble yourself, than to live in pride and arrogance, and ultimately end up being humbled by another! Humbling yourself does not mean to act and pretend to be humble; this equates to false humility. Nor, does it mean to think little of yourself, therefore devaluing yourself, when God placed the highest value upon you, by sending His Son to die for you. Humbling yourself means being sincere in the secret place. It means recognising the value that you have in God’s eyes. It means receiving His love, grace, and mercy into your life and living in the strength and knowledge of that; ultimately giving God the glory for all that is good in your life.

’Under the mighty hand of God’; humbling yourself will not leave you, somehow, exposed and vulnerable. You have a covering of protection. You do not need to have an attitude of defensiveness with those you encounter in life. Your humility before God brings you deeper into his protection and into the knowledge of his hand being upon you. You will walk through life with more openness towards others, and with freedom in your spirit, as a result.

’He may exalt you’; twice Proverbs mentions that honour comes after humility. God has a way of lifting you up into a place of honour. In Psalm 75v7 we read that it is God who is responsible for 'putting down one and lifting up another'. This takes the pressure off you if ever you feel the need to 'climb the ladder' in life. Walk humbly before God and He will lift you up the ladder; no climbing required!

'In due time'; His timing is perfect. Sometimes what we need to perfect is the practice of patiently waiting. In Psalm 37:9 we read that 'those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land.' You can't miss out on a single thing that God has for you if you wait for Him and His perfect timing.


Do I need to humble myself? Do I need to recognise that God will look after me if I do? Do I trust Him to place me in the right position in life? Do I have patience in the knowledge that His timing is perfect? Am I secure in life as a result of all of the above?


Father, I place my life fully in to your care. I love you and I trust you. Thank you that you love me and have good things planned for me, in your perfect will and timing.

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