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Updated: May 8, 2020

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

People travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to visit art galleries, gardens, and structures that display the talents of other men and women. And, so they should! There is some awesome talent out there to be applauded and celebrated. Think for a moment though; where did that talent come from? It came from God.

In a sense, the talents that people possess are shadows of the talent and flair that is contained within God. For the talents of humanity to be fully developed they need to be fully connected to the author and source of that talent; God.

God is a creator. He is imaginative and full of flair and originality. Just take a look around you and see it. We live in his art gallery. Sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, trees, flowers, animals; all examples of God‘s handiwork.

That brings us now to the greatest part of His creation; YOU! Here’s the interesting thing about this; when He made mankind he didn’t use an original idea. He used an existing template; Himself! Now, this is mind-blowing! I am made with the DNA of heaven.

Did you ever wonder why there were places and circumstances where you felt like you didn’t fit in? That’s because the tone of that environment wasn’t set by heaven. The environments where you will feel most comfortable are those that are full of God; and that’s because at your core you are just like Him! Now, if that statement rocks you, then that is a good thing! Let it rock you out of any feeling of insecurity about your relationship and standing with God; and may you find yourself standing firmly in your identity as a Son or Daughter of God, who carries His very genetic make up.

The rebirth that Jesus talks about in John’s gospel, is a rebirth into that standing and relationship. That’s why Jesus said in John 3:3, “unless one is born again he cannot SEE the kingdom of God”. and then again in John 3:5, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot ENTER the kingdom of God”.

It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to SEE the kingdom of God. In other words, the Holy Spirit causes us to understand our emptiness, and causes us to see what life could be and should be as those who are established in the kingdom of God. He causes us to understand Kingdom mentality. He causes us to understand the original identity we were created for.

It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to ENTER the kingdom of God. In other words, the Holy Spirit convicts us, speaks to us and prevails with us, by the grace of God, to bring us to the place where we leave a life of a false identity behind and fully embrace the God given identity that we should always have been living.

Think of it like this; a baby comes into the world with such perfection, innocence, and purity. That baby is perfectly connected to heaven. The baby has been born in to the world with heavenly identity and purpose; a unique specific assignment here on earth.

However, life can blemish that perfection, and life can damage and splinter that connection to heaven. Life can stamp a replacement identity upon that person, until that soul no longer even knows its original identity, purpose and calling. That person begins to live a lie without even knowing it! That is, until the Holy Spirit moves upon them; perhaps even making them feel uncomfortable at first! However, the Spirit is loving them and He is beginning to gently tug them back to their heavenly roots.

The Spirit begins to make them SEE the kingdom of heaven. The Spirit begins to awaken their senses once again to who they truly are. The ultimate expression of the all that the kingdom of heaven is to mankind, is Jesus. The Holy Spirit makes Jesus known and makes Jesus real. At this point the person is now ENTERING the kingdom of heaven and they enter into Jesus‘ embrace, and into relationship with Him. Their true identity is restored. They are reborn. They know who they truly are once again and their heavenly assignment on earth restarts.

Don't fall into the trap of serving a dull and boring God because you have actually, in fact, followed a God made in mans image. People have an ability to paint a picture of God that is just not who He really is. The effect is, that they in turn never become who they should really be, and never quite behave in ways that they should.

Get it the right way round! Allow the Holy Spirit to help you SEE the kingdom of God, as it is revealed in Jesus. When you see Him, you will begin to see who you truly are, and your behaviour will begin to reflect that. Your life will become enriched as you walk in your God given identity, fulfilling your God given calling.

Now, to get back to the creation narrative; you were made in the image of God. You carry genetic make up from heaven.

I recently did a childrens talk and I told the children that God was amazing. Because they were made in God‘s image; they too are amazing! You are amazing!

I once heard a preacher say, “If I wasn’t me, I’d hang out with me“! He had learned to value who he was and he had learned to love himself as he should.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to walk in your God given identity; it is the true you. You have a heavenly assignment to fulfil. Let your identity be secure in God and be confident in who you are. It is then that you are seeing and living out the kingdom of God. It is then you will be fulfilled.

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