Lessons From Joseph For Lockdown - Part 2 of 3

Joseph Gets Forgotten

Genesis 40:20-23

20 On the third day, which was Pharaoh's birthday, he made a feast for all his servants and lifted up the head of the chief cupbearer and the head of the chief baker among his servants. 21 He restored the chief cupbearer to his position, and he placed the cup in Pharaoh's hand. 22 But he hanged the chief baker, as Joseph had interpreted to them. 23 Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.

In Genesis chapter 40 we read that the chief cupbearer and chief baker found themselves in prison with Joseph. They both had dreams. Joseph interpreted the cupbearer's dream to mean that the cupbearer would be restored to his position. The baker was encouraged by this and asked for his dream's interpretation; but, sadly for him, his dream meant he would be put to death!

Joseph put a request in with the cup bearer in Genesis 40v14-15. He wanted his circumstances brought before Pharaoh in the hope that he could be released from the unfair position that he found himself to be in. Yet, when the cupbearer was restored he forgot all about Joseph for two whole years!

The cupbearer may not have intended to let Joseph down, but that was indeed what he did. However, it is possible that Joseph was not devastated by this. He had asked for a favour but he may not have been pinning all of his hopes on the cupbearer doing it. Joseph's character demonstrates someone who was, more than likely, focused on what he could do for others rather than the other way around. This is a good way to stay positive, even in prison! Looking to people to alleviate your circumstances can lead to cycles of frustration and angst. But, Looking to God, for what you can do to help others, will lead to joy in your heart.

What can you do to help or encourage someone else today? Try to do it; even if it seems like it is something small. You will find that it will bring you great blessing.


Have I been focussed on what other people can do for me? Is it time for me to change my thinking and look for ways in which I can help others?


Thank you Lord that I have been equipped to help others. Show me today what I can do to bless someone, for the glory of your name.

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