Live in a Place of Calm

1 Peter 5:7

...casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you

Anxiety. Have you ever experienced it? The Bible talks about it, so it certainly is something real, and something that can be cured. The Bible is a book full of solutions and it addresses anxiety by providing the solution to the problem.

Anxiety has a debilitating effect upon our system. The more it dwells in us, the more discomfort we experience inside. It can set up camp within us and convince us that it belongs there. We become accepting of the fact that our lives are lived out as hosts of toxic emotion.

The solution is Jesus. He has a liberating effect upon our system. The more of us that He dwells in, the more comfort we experience inside. He can set up camp within us, in fact He belongs there. Our lives can then be lived out as hosts of the kingdom of heaven.

The transition must be made from anxiety filled to Jesus filled. Cast it out by beginning to believe that anxiety is not yours. It is not something that you own. Make the declaration that it does not belong inside you. You are not a host for anxiety. The possibility of negative outcome in your circumstances, that anxiety tempts you to dwell on, is not your concern. That is Jesus’ concern and He will not let you down. Speak it out if needs be: “That is not my concern! Jesus won’t let me down”. At this point you are beginning to live out the liberating reality of casting your cares upon Jesus.


Have I allowed myself to be the host of anxiety that does not belong in me?


Lord Jesus, help me to cast all of my anxieties upon You, knowing that you have everything in my life under control.

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