The Words of a Loving Father

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Matthew 17:5b

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”

Imagine a father who loves his son. Imagine a father who takes delight in his son. Imagine the words that would pour forth naturally from this father’s heart towards his son.

In the verse above, the Father speaks from heaven over His Son, Jesus. It happens during an incredible moment on the mountain when something of the glory of Jesus is revealed. Moses and Elijah appear and speak with Jesus who is accompanied by Peter, James, and John. In typical fashion, it’s Peter who begins to speak. However, Peter is soon silenced as the Father speaks from heaven. It’s as if the Father just has to be a part of this moment. He loves his Son and is so pleased with Him that He can’t hold back. He speaks His loving words of affirmation and almost tells Peter to stop talking and to start listening!

Imagine that God has that same father heart towards you. Imagine the words that would pour forth naturally from his heart towards you. Now, go further than imagination; allow yourself to believe it to be reality.

The Father watches your every moment. Words of love and words of affirmation are what He speaks over you. He loves you and He is pleased with you; listen to Him! Take some time today to be still in His presence. Listen to Him in your heart. Receive His love and affirmation. Let it mould and shape how you view yourself today.


Have I been thinking correctly about myself? Have I been understanding the Father’s heart towards me in right fashion? Do I need to start to believe, again, that the Father‘s eye is upon me; He loves me, and He is pleased with me?


Thank you that you are my Father. You love me and you are pleased with me. Thank you Father.

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