When You Can’t Put a Foot Wrong

Updated: Apr 26

Joshua 1:3

“Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.”

Have you ever slipped, or tripped, and fallen over in public? It can be so embarrassing! You somehow managed to put your foot in the wrong place and ended up on the floor. The initial reaction is to jump straight back up again and hurry on; even if you have really hurt yourself!

Imagine never walking into a circumstance of life that is going to cause you embarrassment, hurt, or pain. Imagine every atmosphere that you enter being one that yields itself to the purpose that you carry. Imagine walking through life victoriously. Imagine you couldn’t put a foot wrong.

The verse that we read at the beginning are words that the Lord spoke to Joshua. Joshua had a huge task in front of him. He needed to take up the leadership mantle, left to him by Moses, and take the children of Israel in to the land of promise. The words that he receives here must have been so reassuring as he is basically told that he can’t put a foot wrong in the land of promise. In fact, if you read on, you see that he is also promised that nobody can stand before him and that God is with him.

What confidence Joshua must have developed as a result of these promises from God. He could stride out confidently into his God given commission with his chin up, shoulders back, and even a spring in his step. He would be able to look everyone he encountered in the eye and speak with surety in his voice.

What was true for Joshua can be true for you too. God wants you to step in to the plan and commission that He has for your life. As you do it, you will find that your steps become sure. You will discover that nobody will be able to prevent you. You will realise that God is with you in all that you do.

Don’t put off being all that God wants you to be. Don’t put off doing all that God wants you to do. In fulfilling your God given commission you will find that you can’t put a foot wrong.


Do I shrink away from being all that I could be, and from doing all that I could do, in God? Do I believe that I will trip and fall if I try it? Do I think I will end up embarrassed or even hurt? Is it time for me to believe that what was true for Joshua could be true for me too? Is it time for me, today, to step in to all that I know I could be and should be?


Father, I know that you will never let me down. I believe that you won’t leave me feeling embarrassed or hurt. I believe that you are with me. Today, I will walk with confidence in all that you would have me to do. I trust you.

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